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Oolong tea Jade Chilai Shan (Strange fat hen Mtn.) 2022

Product description
  chinese description:奇萊山乌龙茶origin or place of manufacturing:Taiwan, Hualian, 2000 m altitudevintage:March 2022level:teji 特级 special grade, competition gradeprocessing characteristics:qingxiang 清香 almost no roasting or oxidationinfusion color:pale green-yellowishdosing:1/3 - 2/3 filled tea infusion vesselpossible infusions:up ...


chinese description:
origin or place of manufacturing:
Taiwan, Hualian, 2000 m altitude
March 2022
teji 特级 special grade, competition grade
processing characteristics:
qingxiang 清香 almost no roasting or oxidation
infusion color:
pale green-yellowish
1/3 - 2/3 filled tea infusion vessel
possible infusions:
up to 12 (according gongfucha)
matching doypack (1,05 oz)


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