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General terms and conditions

ChenshiChinaTee- General Terms andConditions

§ 1 Scope, Customer Information

Thefollowing terms and conditionsgovern the contractual relationshipbetweenChristianMennéChenshiChinaTee owner ChristianMennéandconsumersandentrepreneurs whobuygoods in our shop. Opposing or deviatingfrom our terms andconditionswill not berecognized by us.Thecontract language is English.

§ 2 Contract conclusion

1. The offerson the Internet representa non-bindinginvitation to youto buy goods.
2.After entering your informationandclicking the orderbutton, you makea binding offerto conclude a salescontract. Youcan also makephone orfaxabinding order. Thedelaytakes placevia e-mailorfaxconfirmation of receiptof your orderdoes not constituteacceptanceof the tender offer.
3.We are entitledto accept your offerwithin one dayby sending an orderconfirmation via e-mail. If after the expiryof thedeadlinementioned in sentence oneyouroffer is rejected, thereforYou areno longer bound toyour offer. In a telephone orderthepurchase contract is concludedwhenwe accept your offerimmediately. If the offeris not accepted immediately, then you areno longerbound by it.

§ 3 Prices, VATandpayment

(See §. 2paragraph. 2) Itshall be theprice at whichthesales contracthas been concluded. Allprices are exclusiveofshipping and handling charges, which arecommunicated to the clientbefore submitting the order. The Seller acceptsthegerman small business regulationof "§19Abs. 1 UStG" inclaimandthereforedoes not reportvalue added tax.
Deliveries to customersby the sellerare made onlyagainst advance paymentby bank transfer orbypayment by Paypal.Thegoods will be shippedafterreceipt of payment.The sellerprovides the customer withan invoicewhichishanded to himupon delivery of thegoodsordifferently but intext form.

§ 4 Delivery and transfer of risk

The ordered goods are provided otherwise agreed by contract, delivered to the address specified by the customer. Delivery will be made from the Seller's warehouse or directly from the manufacturer. The seller reserves the right to make a partial delivery, if this is advantageous for a speedy settlement and the partial delivery for the customer is not unreasonable exceptional. By partial shipments incurred additional costs to the customer will not be billed.
Information about the delivery deadline is not binding, unless the date of delivery was promised by the seller. Goods that are in stock, the seller ships within 1 to 3 business day (s) after receipt of the payment from the customer. Has already been sold the goods upon receipt of payment, the Seller strives to deliver as soon as possible. If non-compliance with a delivery or performance period due to force majeure, labor disputes, unforeseen obstacles or other circumstances not attributable to the Seller, the deadline will be extended.

§5retention of title, offsetting

Thedelivered goods untilfulfillment of all claimsarising from the contractin theproperty of the seller; in the eventthat the customeris a legal entityof public law, apublic specialestate or an entrepreneurinexercise of his commercialorindependent professional activity, even beyondthe current businessrelationshipuntil settlement of allclaims whichthe sellerin connectionthecontractentitled.
Theright to offsetthe customer onlyifhis counterclaimsarerecognized by the sellerorlegally determined.To exercise a lien, the customer isonly insofarashis counterclaim is basedon the same contract.

§ 6 Liabilityfordefects and legal deficiencies

If defectsare present, the customer in accordance with thefollowingprovisions, the statutory warranty rightsto:

The customer canmakeany obvious defectsof the delivered goodsor incorrect deliveriesonly ifhecriticizesthisin writingto the Sellerwithin 30 daysafter deliverywith an exact description. The timelinessis thedispatchof the complaint.For defectsthat are notobvious defects,thestatutory period of warrantyof 2 years applies. Arethe contractonlymerchantsinvolved, soapply additionally german "§§ 377ff. HGB".
If there aredeficienciesandwereclaimed this time, the seller shall beentitled to subsequent performance. If the remedy fails, the customer is entitledtoreduce the purchase priceor to withdraw. Otherwise the legalregulations apply.

§7Information requirements fortransport damage

If goods are deliveredwithobvious damage to thepackagingorthe contents thereof, the customer has to complainwithout prejudice toits warranty laws(§ 7) immediately to thecarrier / freightserviceandimmediatelybye-mail([email protected]) orotherwise(fax / mail) take, contact the seller, so that theycanpreserveany rightsagainst the shipper/ carrier. The customercan helpin enforcing theclaimsof theseller against thecarrier / freightservice.


Claims for damagesbeyond theliability formaterial or legal defectsmay be assertedonlyin cases of intentor gross negligenceagainst the sellerof thecustomer. Thedisclaimer does not applyto injury to life, limb orhealthandin thebreach of contract. Seller's liabilityis limitedtothe amountto theconclusion of the contracttypically foreseeabledamageexceptin case of intent, gross negligenceanddamages resulting from injuryto life,limb or health.
Liability under theProduct Liability Actandother mandatory statutoryregulations remains unaffected.

§ 9 Privacy statement

Customer acknowledgesandagrees to the factthat the personaldatanecessary for thecompletion of the orderwill be storedby the selleron data carriers. The customeragrees to the collection, processing and use ofpersonaldata expressly. Thepersonaldata storedwill betreated confidentiallyby the seller. The collection, processinganduse of personal dataof the customeris carried outin compliance with the german "Bundesdatenschutzgesetzes" (BDSG) andthe Telemedia Act(TMG).
The customer hasthe right towithdraw his consent atany time with effectfor the future. The seller is obligedinthis caseto immediately delete thepersonaldataofcustomers. If the orderprocess the deletionis carried outaftercompleting the ordering process.

§ 10 return costs in the event of cancellation

You have in the event of withdrawal must bear the costs of returning the goods if the delivered goods ordered corresponds and if the price of the item(s) to be returned does not exceed 40,- Euro or if you are still at a higher price the thing at the time of cancellation have not made payment or a contractually agreed partial payment. You must also bear only the regular cost of returning. Additional costs, for example, through a change in our business office or through our desired use of expensive transport services arise, are at our expense.

§ 11 Customer Information: Correction Notice

You can correct your input before submitting the order at any time using the delete key. We will inform you on the way through the checkout process on further correction possibilities. The ordering process, you can stop completely at any time by closing the browser window.

§ 12 Warranty

The warranty is based on the statutory provisions.

§ 13 Severability

If individual provisions of these General Terms and Conditions and / or the contract completed by the invalid, the validity of the remaining provisions shall not be affected. In an ineffectiveness of a single provision, the Contracting Partner to reach a new agreement considering their mutual interests which comes the economic purpose of the invalid provision.

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