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Pu-erh Tea & Oolong Tea Online Shop

"Tea tempers the spirits and harmonizes the mind,
dispels lassitude and relieves fatigue, awakens thought and prevents drowsiness,
lightens and refreshes the body, and clears the perceptive faculties"

Proverb from China (perhaps Confucius or Lu Yu)

Come with us on a tour to countless slopes and trails of Yunnan and Fujian. Some are dreamily beautiful and make you forget the world around, while the next is wild and untamed as a tiger. As diverse as the flora and fauna are, the same goes for the teas in this extraordinary landscape. Internationally renowned manufacturers with high reputation inside and outside China relying on high quality - sometimes for centuries. This knowledge coupled with tea trees of fairytale age give these special teas that we know under the name of Pu-erh tea and appreciated so much.

Here you may find sheng pu-erh tea, sometimes so-called green or raw, in different stages of maturity, ready fermented shu/shou pu-erh and selected oolong teas from the growing areas to Anxi (e.g. Tieguanyin - Iron Goddess of Mercy), Wuyishan (rock tea) Dahongpao (ak.a. big red robe), Fenghuang Dancong (Phoenix Single Bush) from Chaozhou or Taiwan Oolong, and matching tea tools from Yixing, Jianshui, Dehua und Longquan.

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  • Xiaguan Xiaguan 5 Stars Xiao Baicai 2015
  • Xiaguan 5 Stars Xiao Baicai 2015

    the pinnacle of modern Xiaguan tea production, a Gushu blend from the Bulang area, incl. Laomane, Xin Banzhang and Laobanzhang

    €36,00 Incl. tax; Excl. Shipping costs
  • Menghai Dayi (TAETEA) Dayi Lao Chatou 2014 (shu)
  • Dayi Lao Chatou 2014 (shu)

    Laochatou stands for old tea lumps. These hard pieces are on the outside already fermented, but not inside

    €29,00 Incl. tax; Excl. Shipping costs
  •  Oolong tea kit January
  • Oolong tea kit January

    four kinds of oolong tea (each 30g): Wuyishan Baijiguan, Orchid Classic Tieguanyin, Yashixiang Dancong and Alishan Jade Oolong

    €56,50 €48,00 Incl. tax; Excl. Shipping costs
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