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Fuhai 7576 2004

Unit price: €0,32 / Gram
what is the 7572 for Dayi, the 7576 is it for Fuhai - and it even perhaps tastes better than the 757

6FTM Bangwai 2007

Unit price: €0,15 / Gram
Another fairly underrated Bangwai single mountain tea by 6FTM
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Dayi 8582 2013

Unit price: €0,16 / Gram
the little and rather blunt brother of the 7542 - however still the same family

Dayi Dragon Pole 2017

Unit price: €0,36 / Gram
the benchmark shu pu-erh from Dayi - this time from the year 2017

Fuhai 7536 2007

Unit price: €0,21 / Gram
what is the 7542 for Dayi, the 7536 is it for Fuhai - and it even perhaps tastes better than the 753

CNNP Hunan Anhua Fuzhuan 1997

Unit price: €0,14 / Gram
A Heicha from Hunan made by CNNP with so-called Golden Flowers

Dayi 7542 mini 2017

Unit price: €0,16 / Gram
Dayi's classic blend
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Pu-erh tea Kit May

€28,75 €24,40
Unit price: €0,24 / Gram
4 different teas to discover a bundle

Qianli Dahongpao (Big Red Robe) 2014

Unit price: €0,50 / Gram
slightly aged Dahongpao, which speciality is the terroir Qianli

Jade Tieguanyin (Iron Goddes of Mercy) 2018

Unit price: €0,29 / Gram
floral and light - perfect for start your discovery among Oolongs, if you like greenish Oolong tea
Out of stock

Crab's Feet 2014

Unit price: €0,43 / Gram
not an orthodox tea, but a interesting tour off the usual trails
the Bordaux pendant in the oolong tea universe. Might be 3ed generation of it's mother tree

Aged Dahongpao (Big Red Robe) 2000

Unit price: €0,37 / Gram
the classic from Wuyishan. Due aging the strong roasting flavor is gone and left a creamy sensation
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Mengku Spring Tips Daxueshan 2006

Unit price: €0,26 / Gram
the minty Mengku family member from Big Snowy Mountain
Out of stock

Dayi 7572 mini 2017

Unit price: €0,16 / Gram
one of shu / shou classic blends of Dayi

Yashixiang Dancong (Duck Feces Single Bush) 2018

Unit price: €0,40 / Gram
duck feces single bush? don't fear the name, try it
honey orchid flavor single bush oolong, the classic

Dayi Lao Chatou 2014

Unit price: €0,28 /
Laochatou stands for old tea lumps. These hard pieces are on the outside already fermented, but not

Yashixiang Dancong (Duck Feces Single Bush) 2017

Unit price: €0,40 / Gram
duck feces single bush? don't fear the name, try it
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Guihuaxiang Dancong (Osmanthus Single Bush) 2016

Unit price: €0,27 / Gram
a flowry Dancong with a strong osmanthus flavor
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Tieluohan (Iron Monk Arhat)

besides Dahongpao the most famous and well-known Rock tea
rather soft roasted but aged Tieguanyin
Besides Dahongpao, Tieluohan, Shuijingui and Bantianyao one of the five famous bushes in Wuyishan. T

Guifei Dongding (Frozen Peak) 2018

Unit price: €0,77 / Gram
A Dongding Oolong tea grown on approx. 1800 m altitude in competition grade
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